Pumpkin Shaped Tortilla Chips

 When I found these adorable pumpkin shaped cookie cutters I had to get them.  I've been making all kinds of pumpkin shaped things with them.  I've made sandwiches & quesadillas with the large one & I made these cute pumpkin shaped chips with the small one.  They were perfect at our Pumpkin Carving Party!
Using corn tortilla shells, cut out pumpkin shapes with the cookie cutter.  I got 1 whole pumpkin & 2 halves per tortilla. 
 Follow my Homemade Tortilla Chip recipe for frying. 
 I served with a bowl of salsa topped with a piped spider web of sour cream on the top- everyone loved it!!
Happy Halloween!!


  1. it seems great idea, everyday i m seeing different type of recipes with pumpkin and it never ends, i m reall surprise, inb Turkey just there s a dessert with it and thats all:)

  2. How adorable, I saw all the cute halloween recipes you are making. Your kids must be so excited! I just wanted to say, you remind me so much of myself. I loved doing these kinds of things for the kids when they were little.