Happy Halloween!  Here are some of our family favorites to get you in the mood.  Click on the link below each picture to see how their made.  We hope everyone has a spooktacular holiday! 

Pretzel Bones

These are so yummy, and a fun treat for Halloween.  Just follow the instrustions for my Homemade Soft Pretzels but instead of shaping into pretzel form, roll into strips & then tie each end in a knot. 
 Like this!   
So fun & yummy!!

Mummy Dogs

These are a Halloween favorite in our house!  I make them every year.  They are so simple & everyone loves them...and they are oh so cut too!! 
Crescent Rolls
Hot Dogs
 Cut the crescent into strips.
 Wrap the hot dogs in the crescent strips, leaving a little space for a face.
 Bake according to the crescent package's instructions.  
Place 2 dots of ketchup or mustard for the mummy's eyes & serve with a web of ketchup & mustard.
Happy Halloween!!