Spaghetti & Hot Dog Spiders

I have to admit, even I am surprised how cute these turned out!  At first I wasn't sure how well they would be received...I have the girliest girl ever. I didn't know if she would think it was fun to make edible spiders or not?!?  Let me tell you, there was no need to worry- she absolutely loved them!  Looks like we'll be making them again, probably even after Halloween has long passed. Oh, and don't forget to sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider while you are making them.  It is a must according to my little helper!
 What you need to make these:
Hot Dogs
Spaghetti Pasta
 Cut your hot dogs into bite size pieces.  I cut my hot dogs into quarters. 
 Then insert 1 piece of spaghetti at a time into the center of the hot dog.  I did 4 pieces of spaghetti her hot dog piece.
 I know, 4 legged spiders are not anatomically correct.  But that's what worked best so I went with it.  Thankfully Miss Hannah didn't call me out on it. 
 While you (or your little helpers) are threading the hot dog pieces with the spaghetti, bring a large pot of water to boil. 
 Carefully drop in the raw spiders into boiling water & cook until the pasta is tender.  So easy & fun!!
 When the spiders are cooked, carefully drain them.  I drained most of the water out of the pan & used tongs to plate the spiders. 
 Dot the hot dogs with ketchup for eyes!
 Creepy Crawly Spiders!
 Spider Legs!
 I got an enthusiastic thumbs up for this super fun lunch!
Have Spiderific Halloween!!

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