Mexican Hot Dogs

Looking for something new to try on the grill this weekend? Try these! I know, I's hot dogs. But it's fun & it's something different that everyone will enjoy. I can't take the credit for creating these though. My cousin, whom was living in California at the time, taught my family how to make them one summer. That was at least 7 years ago & we have been making them ever since!

Hot Dogs (I used Oscar Meyer Beef, because that's what my family likes)

Flour Tortilla Shells (6", fajita size)

1 small can of Chopped Green Chilies

White American Cheese, sliced


First, grill all of your hot dogs. I used regular, not bun length hot dogs. If you want to make them a little larger or if you are using a larger hot dog, like Ball Park, you might want to get the next size larger tortilla shells. While they are grilling you can get the rest of the ingredients together. I used white american cheese (think white triangular cheese at Subway). It melts really well & we had a bunch of it in the refrigerator. But you can use any kind of cheese: mozzarella, cheddar, or pepper jack would be good too if you like it a little spicy! If you are making this for grown ups, substituting a spicy pepper for the green chilies would be good too. Like jalapenos, I would just make sure that you saute them first (if you are using fresh) so they are soft & similar to the texture of the canned green chilies. When the hot dogs are grilled to your liking, bring them in & start to assemble.

I add a layer of cheese first. Don't add too much here or it will all come oozing out on your grill!

Then I add a spoon full of the chilies, on top of the cheese.

Then add the grilled hot dog. This is like making a taco, fill your ingredients they way you like. There is no right or wrong...unless you are at my house & then I insist on doing it my way! ;)

Then wrap up burrito style. I try to fold in the ends to hold all cheesy goodness in.

Now place them back on the grill to crisp up the outside of the shells & melt the cheese. This only takes about a minute or so on each side. I serve them with salsa, sour cream, & (my husband's favorite) Cholula Hot Sauce. I love to make homemade tortilla chips to go along side too. (I will follow up with a post for that recipe as well.) This couldn't be an easier or more fun dinner to get everyone involved in making together. And even better, it only takes a few minutes to do. Add some Coronas or margaritas & make it a fiesta!

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  1. John told me about these.How great they are and they look delis. I'm gaining weight just reading, but I love it. I new you could do something special with your talent for cooking and artistry. Keep it coming!!!!!!!