Lemon Bacca Baci

I found this wonderful little cocktail when I was looking for something special for our Anniversary dinner. It is light, refreshing & delicious. It is the perfect cocktail for any Spring or Summer Soiree! Ingredients:
3 oz Sparkling Wine
1 oz Lemoncello
1 tsp fresh berries
Crushed ice (optional)

Combine 4 oz of sparkling wine & 1 oz of lemoncello in a mixing glass. Then place a spoonful of crushed ice into the bottom of a champagne flute & top with the berries. Pour the sparkling lemoncello over the berries & ice.
Honestly, I don't measure anything. I put the berries in the bottom of the flute. Then I pour in 3 parts cold sparkling wine & 1 part cold lemoncello...who would want to water that down with ice anyways?
I made this again when my best friend came to visit over the 4th of July weekend. This time I added blue berries & raspberries to be festive!

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