Black Forest Ham, Bacon & Provolone Cheese Sliders

I saw these little rolls at the grocery store & they looked so yummy. I had to find something fun to do with them. We had a picnic planned for the pool the next day so I decided to make mini sandwiches. It turned out to be a fabulous idea. We all loved them, even my 4 year old daughter (who would not try any sandwich other than peanut butter & jelly or grilled cheese)!! They were so good, I ended up making them 2 weekends in a row by request! They were perfect for our picnics- I made them one weekend at the beach & then again for a day at the pool. They would be great for tailgating, as an appetizer, or a special treat in school lunch boxes!! Ingredients:
Dinner Rolls
Black Forest Ham, thinly sliced from the deli
Provolone Cheese, slices from the deli
Bacon, cooked & broken in half
Dijon Mustard
The bread is really important here, I mean it is a sandwich after all! I used a roll that was crusty on the outside but still soft & chewy in the middle. A sour dough roll would be great for this too. You don't want to use a soft yeast roll or the slider hamburger buns though. They would get too soggy & fall all apart. Next to choosing the right bread, I believe the secret to a good sandwich is in the assembly. I put mayonnaise on the bottom side & mustard on the top sides of the roll. Then I layer in this order: Mayonnaise on the bottom of the roll, bacon, ham, provolone, ham, then mustard on the top. Really, I just think it's important to have the ham touching the mustard & the bacon touching the mayonnaise.
Serve with some fresh fruit & it's a fabulous day at the pool! Look at that bite!
He can easily down 4 of these- in one sitting
Last bite!

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