Simple Marinara Sauce

This is a go to recipe for me when I need to get dinner on the table fast but have nothing planned.  It is so quick & easy and I always have the ingredients on hand.  Even better, it makes a lot so I can freeze half of it for another meal.  I made store bought ravioli's with it this time but this marina is so versatile. You can add a touch of cream at the end to change it up & serve over spaghetti or angel hair pasta.  Add it to some baked chicken breasts topped with cheese for Chicken Parmesan, or serve it as dip with mozzarella sticks...the possibilities are endless!
2- 32 oz cans of Whole Tomatoes
1 Large Yellow Onion, chopped
2-3 Cloves of Garlic, minced
2 tsp dried Italian Seasoning
fresh, Flat Leaf Parsley
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper

In a large sauce pan or chef's pan, drizzle a little olive oil & saute the onion over medium heat.  When the onion starts to soften add the garlic & cook 1-2 more minutes.
 Add in both cans of tomatoes with all of their juices.   
 You could use crushed or diced tomatoes too.  But I read that they use a better quality of tomatoes to can them whole so I try to use those.  These were Italian Style (which means they had some basil it them) Peeled Plum Tomatoes. 
 Using your spoon, crush up the tomatoes.  Then add in the herbs, salt & pepper.
 Simmer for 20 minutes, or as long as you can. 
 The sauce will thicken as it cooks.
 How easy is that?!? (Channeling my inner Ina Garten.)
 I served with cheese filled raviolis.  YUM!
This makes about 4 quarts of sauce.

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